Roland DJ 808 Pitch N Time

The Roland team worked very closely with Serato to achieve seamless compatibility with the softwares latest features including the Serato Sampler and the new Pitch In Time Function. Matthew Chicoine from Roland was kind enough to come by Sam Ash headquarters to prove the power of this incredible hardware/software combination. He gives us a brief tutorial on how to analyze your tracks within Serato so you can assign a key for each of your tracks. He also reviews the Camelot wheel and other principles of harmonic mixing for some perspective on why Pitch N Time Matters.

So we actually see Serato sync out tracks together and assign the closest compatible key so we can mix harmonically with any of our tracks. Bringing back to the Hardware, Matthew shows us a cool demo on how to trigger a cue point in different keys using the DJ808’s onboard velocity sensitive trigger pads. Don’t miss Matthew’s pro tip on how to setup up a track to automatically shift keys.
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