@RussDiemon Says Labels Don’t Care About Numbers, It’s Who You Know

Although it appears that today’s artists needs to be packaged before stepping foot into a label, Russ says that’s absolutely not true. The rapper who has applied himself and manifested his dreams to reality—selling out his own tours and most recently receiving his first gold plaque for “What They Want”—he admits that none of that matters when trying to grab a label’s attention. “Y’all don’t be selling music, y’all don’t be selling tickets, and y’all don’t be making dope music. So there must be some other finesse, facade, industry bullsh** going on.”

As a newcomer, Russ admits that he’s “over” the music industry; however, “loves being an artist in the industry” and not being an “industry artist.” Check out the full interview to hear about the 300 songs he’s produced, mastered, and mixed, his label allowing him to be so blunt, and why he sees Rick Rubin as Yoda.